Invest in a teenager today

Introduce the healing power of yoga and the arts

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Being a teen today is hard!

Trust us, we get it!

We recognize this and are mindful of the needs of this population. We have designed a hands-on, learner-focused curriculum based on issues relevant to teens and pre-teens. We focus on a variety of topics, including:

  • self-esteem
  • navigating friendships and relationships with others
  • facing your fears
  • sharing your story
  • healthy coping skills
We provide trained adult facilitators to help youth navigate their shared experiences. Middle and high school are a time of transition for everyone. We believe a holistic, strengths-based approach is needed to help youth and their families navigate their teen years. We sometimes experience an extreme stress that overwhelms our capacity to cope. Whether that's pressure to keep grades up, a recent loss or another traumatic event, this stress can hinder how we function and interact with those around us. At Vikara Village we believe everyone has the ability to heal from this stress and better deal with stress in the future.

We believe through the development and nurturing of healthy coping skills we can help lessen the overwhelming feelings of stress and give our participants the ability to better handle stress in the future.